The Show – The Team Behind the Scenes

Golf Resorts International’s Production Company

According to Founder and CEO David Camp, the driving force behind Golf Resorts International,  “Selecting the resorts is important, we want to give our viewers a wide variety of places to see. There are so many around the world to choose from. That said, each resort has to fit the standard of excellence of Golf Resorts International. The star of the show is the resort itself.”


Camp said, “I am very proud of my production team of photographers, writers, and editors. We usually travel with a crew of 4 very dedicated professional people. “It’s important to have a team of people that understand all of the components of production. I often compare our production team to a pit crew on a race team. We all work together as one to get the best possible shots. Usually we come in on a Monday and finish on Friday weather permitting. One of the most important aspects is that we are sensitive to the guests of each resort and we understand the importance of golf etiquette. Having a small crew we can get around most of the time unnoticed.”

David_Cameraman2“The other key element is post production when the rigorous work really begins.  Filming in HD, and 4K coupled with Apple technology it’s pretty amazing what can be done. Our cameras and lenses are some of the best in the business; we have been using Sony and Canon which provide a great combination. We are especially excited about the use of Drones to capture some amazing aerial footage.

“Post production usually takes about 2 to 3 weeks per show from start to finish. Piecing together vast amounts of footage is like fitting together the right pieces of a giant puzzle. You would be surprised what goes in to the finished product. But with an experienced team it certainly helps with the process.” Camp said, “the best part of producing a show is being able to see the finished product on TV and to provide people with an opportunity to see these amazing places that may inspire them to take a well deserved vacation.”

What they are saying...

"David, great to meet you, thanks for including Pebble Beach Resorts in your program. You have a very professional manner and a good feel for the game and its traditions continued success. It was a pleasure working with you.

Paul Spangler
Executive Vice President
Pebble Beach Company

"Recently, our staff had the pleasure of working with David Camp, and his team, to facilitate the production of a piece about PINEHURST. During my 15 years as President of this company, I've never had a more pleasurable experience in working with a production group. Nor, have I ever received so many positive comments from members of the staff who came in contact with Golf Resorts International during their time with us.
In all regards, they proved themselves to be courteous, considerate of our ongoing business and forthcoming with suggestions that would enhance the presentation of our resort for their audience.
I know I speak for our entire team at PINEHURST by offering the highest praise and recommendations for Golf Resorts International. "

Pat A. Corso
Chief Executive Officer
A Pinehurst Company Resort

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